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How security became more important than convenience

Violet Blue badpassword biometrics business cameras

Since the dawn of infosec, the belief that we users are a group of dullard cattle who blindly trade our own security for convenience at every turn has been trumpeted by the stewards of IT and the infosec-arrogant, while bolstered by old research. No...

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‘Destiny 2’ Nightfall raids get an improved scoring system

Rob LeFebvre av bungie destiny2 gaming

Just a few days ago, Bungie released its Destiny 2 development road map, full of improvements to counter complaints about diminishing rewards. Now the company has announced a new scoring system for the game's weekly Nightfall raids aimed at rewarding...

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NASA is reviewing candidates for its next Solar System mission

Mariella Moon juno nasa newfrontiers newfrontiersprogram

NASA might be focusing on Mars recently, but it hasn't forgotten the rest of the Solar System. The agency has begun reviewing the 12 proposals it received for the New Frontiers program, the same one that gave rise to New Horizons, Juno and other nota...

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Tesla collects videos from cars to improve its self-driving tech

Jon Fingas autonomous autopilot car electriccar

If Tesla is going to fulfill its ambitions of making practical self-driving cars, it's going to need a lot of real-world data to teach its cars what to look for -- and that includes your own car. Tesla has pushed an Autopilot update that, in additio...

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For some, access to healthcare could start with at-home lab testing

Sarah Buhr Everlywell Food and Drug Administration health care TC

 Most at-home lab testing devices like Scanadu and Cor are still waiting for FDA approval, but simple lab testing can still be done in the confines of your own home and then shipped to a lab and that’s led to a handful of new startups offering services like STD or food allergy tests. Everlywell, an Austin-based at-home lab testing startup (and a Disrupt Battlefield company), aims to make… Read More

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